Make America Luxury Again

BLVD86 began its journey as an exclusive state of the art handbag company which was founded by Boston native Don Jeffes in 2014.

Over the last 4 years, the brand has made an exceptional jump into red carpet events, exclusive interviews, and built up a client roster that includes the who’s who of mainstream sports, music, and film.

Focus on Quality

The product line originated with a backpack and a duffle bag and now has expanded into luxury street fashion.

The consumer base for BLVD86’s luxury-priced products is the high net-worth and high self-worth individual.

Our mission is to Make America Luxury Again, which we have coined as MALA Don.

We are an American made brand that will be celebrated globally for its quality of product and experience.

So, sit back and enjoy the journey because we have come to restore the feeling.